iC3D Modeller

The world’s first dedicated toolkit for packaging model development

iC3D Modeller provides creative power and versatility in an easy to use 3D modelling design tool for Adobe Illustrator® artworkers, designers and Esko Studio® users.



iC3D modeller highlights:

  • Comprehensive library
    3D models, editable templates, materials, textures, surfaces and lighting
  • Point Editor / Physics module
    Advanced manipulation of 3D models, meshes/surfaces for creating realistic creasing and dents
  • Liquid Fill Effect
    For visualization of liquids in bottles of any shape or material
  • UVW Editor
    Correctly distort artwork to fit any 3D model shape
  • Bump Displacement
    True emboss and deboss effects on labels, cartons & 3D models
  • Real-World Lighting
    For accurate visualization of lighting conditions on 3D models