HumanEyes Capture3D

Key Features

  • Produce a wide variety of unique visual applications
  • Capitalise productivity gains
  • Enjoy a minimal learning curve
  • Get additional use of your existing equipment
  • Enjoy higher margins
  • Differentiate from your competitors with a new eye-catching technology

Capture 3D

HumanEyes Capture3D – for photographers – enables you to handle a 3D photography project quickly and easily.

Photographers simply capture a scene and then easily turn the sequence into a natural, photographic 3D image. Create proofs and finals prints up to A4.


Build the set-up for the shoot

First, you need a digital camera or a digital back and a tripod or camera stand with rotating arm.
Next, set up the depth cues. These cues will increase the depth effect of the 3D picture. Some of the cues include linear perspectives, lighting, texture, colours, occluded objects, and relative object sizes.
The lighting should be set up as for everyday two-dimensional photography, with some slight alterations and special considerations.


Photograph a sequence of pictures of the scene

The number of pictures required varies, but for optimum results HumanEyes recommends approximately a picture taken for every degree of the scene. Each picture shot contributes to the final picture. Therefore, the more pictures taken, the truer the sense of depth achieved in the final, seamless picture.

Process the sequence of photographs in HumanEyes Capture3D

After uploading the sequence to HumanEyes Capture3D you will need to define the work area along with the parallax control and the convergence point.
Then your image is ready for proof print (A4 output size).