It’s not just Santa that Flight Checks before take off!

Posted in News on December 10th, 2018
It’s not just Santa that Flight Checks before take off!

It’s not just Santa and his Elves that perform a Flight Check before take off!

Fixing problem files ready for production can be very time consuming.
And whilst we are all busy with that last minute Chrismas shopping mistakes can creep in.
Discover the latest new features from one of the leading PDF  “detect and correct” solutions on the market: callas pdfToolbox
It’s that time of the year again, and as an early Christmas present, the pdfToolbox Desktop promotion is on its way!
callas will offer pdfToolbox Desktop for just € 249,5 instead of € 499 (VAT excl.).

The promotion starts on December 11 at 2pm GMT and ends on December 13 at 2pm GMT.

You will have to register on the international distributor site here, add pdfToolbox Desktop to your cart and use this promotion code WFLO-PDFTB-PROMO18


Join the webinar about pdfToolbox Desktop on December 12 at 3 PM GMT.
David van Driessche, CTO of Four Pees, will show how you can check in pdfToolbox whether or not their PDF files are ready to be printed.

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Ensure you Flight Check your PDF’s before take off!